Thursday, May 07, 2015


We woke up in Germany, and we are going to bed in The Netherlands, which is pretty cool, if you ask me. In our pre-trip research, we learned that "Holland" is only a region of The Netherlands and not a alternative name for the entire country, like we foolishly believed before. We are, in fact, staying in Holland, which is the bulb growing region. Our accommodation for the week sits within a super cool holiday park, which is like a KOA on steroids. On site there is a fantastic playground, an amazing indoor/outdoor pool and mini water park, a restaurant, a market, laundry facilities, and a Kid's Club with organized activities happening throughout the day on most days. The kids are already pretty sure they never want to leave. On the way here, we drove past many tulip fields, a few of which were bursting with color. We also saw a couple of traditional Dutch windmills. This has been one of the stops I have been most looking forward to, and so far, it has not been a disappointment.

sweet sleeping buddies, not yet awake in Germany

tulip field {squeal!}

iconic scenery

our home for the week

a most excellent slide 

little monkeys

playground tunnel

Mr. Big

so much more than just a pool
soccer stud

fast and furious

"football" fans

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