Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The language of play

Adults are complicated. They are critical and suspicious and judgmental and busy. But, kids, despite their loudness and messes, are really quite simple. They just want to have their basic needs met and have a good time. We hung around the campground today, and the boys joined in a hockey game, played in the yard with a new neighbor friend, splashed and laughed in the pool with other kids, mingled with the young campers on the playground, and had the "most fun they've ever had" playing a new game called Cat and Mouse, which was organized by the Kid's Club. The other children at the campground all speak Dutch, though some of them can manage a little English. Our boys pretty much just speak English. But, playing is not complicated, and it was carried out flawlessly by all parties. At some point along our life journeys, we tend to forget this first language that we all know so well, and it's a pity. We would certainly all be better off if we could let go of all the other clutter and just focus on having fun with each other.

The Watts Boys ready to show their stuff

taking it to the goal

Clay never moved from this spot or tried to hit the ball,
but he told me hockey was his favorite part of the day.

the boys and their new neighbor buddy

preparing for the first round of Cat and Mouse

The mice are trying to keep the cats from getting their tails.

This big cat had them on the run.

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