Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hey Little,

You are no longer my favorite "three boy," because you are four! And, really, you're not that little anymore, if I'm honest. But, you'll always be my "Little." You've been explaining to us for months how you will pretty much be able to do everything "when [you] get four." This very day, you are off on an adventure of epic proportions, which I truly hope you will remember. When we first talked about taking this trip, and found this day was the the best day for us to depart, I hoped you wouldn't feel cheated out of a birthday. But, when Dad and I announced our plans, you were probably the most excited of anyone. I should have known you would be, because you've always been our little traveler, so eager to go, go, go. You have been so proud to tell anyone who will listen that we are going on an "erplane" (airplane) on your birthday, on "Cinco 2 Mayo." And, you've poured over the travel books, with so much seriousness and enthusiasm. You absolutely love statues and want to have your picture taken with every single one. That alone should make the trip heaps of fun, even if we don't get to ride around in an "invertible" (convertible) car!

Since your last birthday, you have fully gotten the hang of using the potty, which we are all very thankful for! You are even able to sleep in undies now, instead of a pull-up. In the last month or two, you have also been spending full nights in your own bed, and, though I miss those sweet middle-of-the-night hugs, we have all been benefitting from the extra shut-eye. There are other ways I can tell you are getting so big: You can wash your hands in the little sink in the powder bathroom all by yourself, and you can put most of your clothes on and take them off without any help. You are even able to wash your body in the bathtub mostly by yourself and reach an astounding number of things I feel I have placed well out of your reach.

You like the idea of food, but actually eating it is another story. You can literally go days without a real meal, but you do enjoy sneaking candy from the pantry when no one is looking. Oddly, you genuinely enjoy roasted seaweed snacks and will eat an entire package in one setting, if we'll let you.

You have learned most of the letters and numbers, and you are especially fond of practicing these by playing "ABCs," which is your code word for Starfall (which is so much more than ABCs). And, this you prefer to do on your "little phone," when possible. You have nicknamed yourself the "Rhyming Guy," and you get endless joy from making all kinds of rhymes. You love songs and are particularly fond of "But I like You," "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain," "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," and "Mahna Mahna." You still enjoy putting puzzles together, and you are always up for reading a book. You know that C-L-A-Y spells your name, and you can pick it out when you see it and can even write it yourself. You speak very clearly and enunciate every word, so people do not have a hard time understanding you in the least.

Among your many friends, there is a special one named Watta JJ, who occupies much of your conversation and imagination. We are always amazed and entertained by the stories you tell about her and her puppy-brother, Spoon Hedgehog. You are so creative and clever, and you make us laugh!

Sweet Clay, you are a lover, and a giver, and a true embracer of life. You awake each morning and announce that "It's today!" You are always giving hugs and kisses and "Rumbles," and you are quick to share with others. You have a ready smile that lights up every room and every heart. People can't help but love you. You are the kind of big-hearted, genuinely happy person I aspire to be. Thank you for being you. You are one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I'm so glad I get to be your mom. Dad and I are proud of you and look forward to seeing how you will learn and grow in this next year, as we travel around the world.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Sweet Boy! I love you so very much!


Are you ready for the gun show?

My Sweet Four Boy

Airport birthday party on Cinco 2 Mayo

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