Saturday, May 09, 2015

Just a plain day

It was kind of cold and super windy here today, with a little rain, so we were thankful that we could just hole up at the campground. The kids went swimming in the morning and again in the afternoon, and they attended the Kid's Club screening of Finding Nemo (in Dutch) tonight, but there was also a lot of downtime, which we needed. Naps were had, many hidden picture books were explored, and Clay's "puffets" made an appearance, while laundry and wet swimsuits blew around in the yard or dripped puddles in the living room. There was a whole lot of normal in this day, and that's definitely a good thing. In Weston's words, "It was just a plain day, but it was still fun." One of the reasons we wanted to take so much time on this trip was so that we could have a good balance of awesome days and "just plain" days, so that we could enjoy everything the world has to offer, without constantly feeling the exhaustion of tourists.

gator attack

manipulating the sprayers

all bundled up for a walk across the campground

Even a "plain" day has it's beauty.

working on a hidden picture book

Kid's Club movie
(a.k.a. language class)

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