Monday, May 11, 2015

Rotterdam, Gouda and The Hague

Today's adventures took us south, to Rotterdam (home of Friesian horses), Gouda (home of Gouda cheese), and The Hague (home of the International Criminal Court). It was a great day!

A flock of sheep on the side of a major highway, you know, like you see.

I know I've already posted pictures of the windmills,
but I just think they are so cool, and I can't stop myself.

Our horse lover planned a cool field trip to a Friesian horse stable.

So beautiful!

It's hard to explain how harrowing it was to parallel park our standard right next to this canal,
on a street no wider than our car, but my awesome husband pulled it off flawlessly.

excited to be in Gouda

one of the many canals in Gouda

cheesing it up at the cheese shop

Cheese, glorious cheese!

sampling one of the more uniquely flavored and colored cheeses
(lavender and thyme)

Gouds Kaashuis

Cheese Museum

So much cheese!

giant cheese scale in the cheese museum

A lovely lunch at our first European sidewalk cafe

Ruth's lunch: croquets
She does not know what it was, even after eating it, but she loved it!

My lunch: The Old Gouda
Every bite was a delight!

The cafe sign made us laugh: Eat, Drink & Leave

The church in Gouda's center was our view during lunch.

A huge cow statue that looks like it's made out of legos: win, win!

This alleyway looks like it has a secret.

The International Criminal Court in The Hague

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