Wednesday, May 13, 2015


After breakfast, we hopped in the car and pointed it toward Amsterdam. We found a place to park and then spent quite some time trying to figure out how to use the public transportation system and eventually made it to our first stop, which was Anne Frank's house, with only a little trial and error. We had been warned the line for the Anne Frank House is sometimes wrapped around the block, and that was certainly true today. But, it moved fairly quickly, and we had a unique standing picnic while we waited. I can tell you this: it was worth the wait. It was a very moving experience for all of us.

From there, we headed over to Vondel Park, named for the famous poet and playwright. It is sort of like the Central Park of Amsterdam, and it was absolutely lovely. There, we played and rested and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

Just across the street from the park, there is an amazing Dutch riding school/museum, which we couldn't leave without seeing. It was so beautiful and full of surprises. Our horse lover was completely mesmerized, and the rest of us were pleased with the stop, as well.

We have enjoyed every moment we have spent in The Netherlands, and this was a very good way to end our time here! Tomorrow, we head back to Germany for a few days.

The bookstore for the Anne Frank House sits at the end of the street,
on the right side of the picture. The entrance to the museum is still a half a block
further up, after you turn the corner.  This is where we started our wait for this amazing experience. 
The lovely canal in front of the Anne Frank House

The front entrance of the Anne Frank House--
this would have been her father's storefront for his jam making business,
if you're familiar with the story. 

My little statue lover at Vondel Park

Iconic Amsterdam photo op
(the kids are huddled up in the "d")

Vondel, the park's namesake

one of the many water areas in the park

fun times, with interesting and new-to-us park toys


loving the zip line

This building front, which looks exactly like hundreds of others in the city,
houses the incredible Living Horse Museum. 

The main arena was stunning!

This is the upstairs "foyer," which was gorgeous
 and even contained a full bar and coffee bar in the back.

This girl was in her element!

And, as someone who has sat through a riding lesson or two,
I definitely think this is the way it should be done! 

The gorgeous staircase, leading up to the balcony

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  1. It looks just as I remember it! Glad y'all had such a wonderful day. Wish I had know about the horse place when I was looks amazing!!


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