Monday, May 18, 2015

Czech Republic

We left Germany after breakfast yesterday morning and arrived in the Czech Republic in the early afternoon. After settling into our little apartment on the outskirts of Prague, we headed into the city to do some exploring. We eventually found ourselves at Petrin Hill, which is a beautiful, almost vertical park. Aside from just being gorgeous, it also contains a number of interesting diversions, like playgrounds, a hall of mirrors, and a smaller scale Eiffel Tower with observation decks overlooking this beautiful city. We very much enjoyed wandering around and seeing the sights, including more and more amazing views of Prague the higher we went. My FitBit tracker recorded 81 flights of stairs for me yesterday, if that gives you any indication of the nature of our wanderings.

We were back in the city today, to see Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, both of which were beautiful and fascinating. The weather was perfect, and we so enjoyed strolling through Prague, having a picnic at a park, eating a local sweet treat (Trdelnik), and just taking in our lovely surroundings.

Pink house in Prague 

a peek at the city from our balcony

a family selfie on Petrin Hill

up and up and up

finally at the top of Petrin Hill

Petrin Tower 
Overlooking Prague, specifically Charles Bridge, from the tower's observation deck

my people are everywhere in the mirror maze

being silly in the Hall of Mirrors

tall and thin

playing around with silly faces in the silly mirrors

world traveling kids

The older kids were pretty scandalized that Clay wanted to pose,
not only with naked statues, but also with kissing naked statues.

There is no end to the statue hilarity

No idea what these yellow penguins are doing in the Vltava River

Charles Bridge

my people on the Charles Bridge

excited to try a trdelnik

This cathedral can be seen from everywhere and
rose up larger than life when we entered the castle grounds

Prague Castle

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