Monday, February 15, 2010

Wee Success

For the past couple of months, Max has been getting used to the idea of the potty. He has sat on it from time to time, but has never done anything more. (And, he is very particular about which potty he sits on, too. He will have nothing to do with the free-standing model, and will only use the "big boy" seat that fits onto the regular potty). Well, today he finally did more than just sit (very little more, but progress is progress), and he did it four times!! I can see a light at the end of the diapering tunnel! The first time he was successful, he had no idea what I was getting so worked up about. But after he received a treat, he was wise to the game...almost. He would then tell me he needed to go potty and expected to get a treat every time, even if he didn't produce results. And his brother was looking for a way to get in on the treat business as well. Every time Max was successful, Weston starting trying to come up with impressive things to do himself, in the hopes of also gaining a treat. We don't expect Max to master his new skill right away, but we are very proud of him for this grand accomplishment!

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