Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our weekend at the lake

We visited Jeff's parents at Lake Buchanan this weekend and had a lovely time. We ate comfort foods, watched the Olympics, played at the park, listened to Elvis music, tried to convince a store to carry my sugar scrubs, built a bonfire, played in the lake bed, made homemade ice cream, took naps, read books, bought lots of milk, visited a gas station we once tried to buy, drank Chai, rode bikes, did some serious swinging, climbed trees, played a fishing game, put together puzzles, bounced balls, made towers out of blocks, spilled Grandpa's medicine, made muffins, bought a pair of really cute shoes for $5, went to Sonic, barbecued chicken, watched a John Wayne movie, collected rocks, looked for Bluebonnet plants, and generally just enjoyed ourselves very much.

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