Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a loud, loud, loud, loud world

We are so very thankful that Weston's surgery went well. We can already tell that his hearing, speech and smelling are improved. It's a whole new world for Weston...a very loud world, as a matter of fact! There have been many times since his surgery that he has gone running from the room with his hands on his ears. He has found that we (people, in general, and the Watts, specifically) live in a very loud world. I don't think the sounds hurt his ears; I think he is just surprised that all these things (the blender, the hairdryer, the vacuum cleaner, etc.) are so very loud, when they used to be a nice muted sound that gave no cause for alarm. In time, I think he will adjust to the new noise level, but I wonder if, at this point, he feels that we haven't really done him a favor by opening up this new sensory world to him.


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  2. I bet it's a big adjustment for him! Just think... a whole new world. With brothers and sisters. LOUD. It's like being born again!


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