Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We arrived in Portugal yesterday and have already had so much fun! We officially celebrated Max's eighth birthday, changed time zones, stayed at a lovely little farm house close to nothing, visited a wonderful medieval walled city, and finally landed in Porto, where we will be hanging out all week.

Where we spent our first night in Portugal

Celebrating the birthday boy

The walled city of Obidos

We heard that the city was established, more or less in its current state,
around the year 1307, but further research suggests that there was was probably
a Moorish fortification here around 713 and very likely a Roman city here
even before that, during the height of the Roman Empire. 

The maze-like cobblestone streets wind around through the fascinating town.

This bookstore was amazing!
Clay wisely proclaimed: "It's like a bookstore AND a market!"

Samples for grow-ups of ginjinha
(cherry liqueur served in a chocolate cup)

Obidos Lovebirds

Walking the wall

There were a ton of cute little shops selling accessories made of cork.
Weston fell in love with this flat cap and just had to have it!
(Additionally, Ruth got a cork bag, my father-in-law got a
cork baseball cap, and I got a cork bracelet and a spoon.)

Clay was more interested in "weaponary"

Max was also interested in collecting souvenirs
that would help him defend the castle.

View of the Rio Douro, from our new house in Porto

View of the Dom Luiz Bridge, from our town house

Just a couple of streets over sits the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar,
which looks lovely all lit up!

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