Saturday, January 16, 2016


This morning, Clay took us over to the park he has visited with Mimi and Grandpa while the rest of us have been doing school this week. He also took us over to the fruit market, which seems to be his new favorite place.

In the afternoon, part of our group explored some different parts of the city than we have previously visited, while the rest of the group stayed home to read and rest. We walked almost to the Atlantic Ocean, and through the university campus, and ended up at the botanical garden, before heading back down to the river to meet up with Grandpa and the older two kids for "cafe." Altogether, we walked about six miles, which is a lot for me, but is really a lot for the little legs of Max and Clay. But, they did great, and we all had a good time.

Max was interested in the boats this artisan was making,
so the nice man invited him to come over and try his hand at it.

Little boys with a big cask

Sights of Porto
1.The cave at "Clay's" park
2. A copper still
3. The place where the river meets the ocean
4. Street performers
5. Roasting pigs
6. A port boat under construction
7. A beautiful abandoned building
8.The view from the other end of the river

It was a whole lot of steps to the botanical garden.
When we got there, everyone needed to rest!

Porto Botanical Garden

A violin playing flea and his little mimic

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