Wednesday, January 06, 2016


We took the day off of school and headed for Mijas for a big surprise. It is a lovely little town in the mountains, known for its burro taxis and laid out in sort of a spiral, overlooking the Mediterranean. We had heard that there might be flamenco dancing, but, since today was a holiday, they weren't performing. That did not stop us from taking in the sights and having a blast. We wondered around the charming city for a while and then had lunch outside, at a wonderful little tapas bar with an amazing view.

The big surprise came after lunch. We had booked a workshop at "The World's Smallest Chocolate Factory," Mayan Monkey Mijas, to celebrate Max's birthday. We had so much fun and came home with about ten pounds of chocolate! We got to make marbled chocolates in the shapes of animals, caramel filled chocolates, chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate covered truffles, and three large custom chocolate bars apiece, with any of a number of interesting and delicious toppings. Plus, there was a brownie birthday cake that Max got to decorate himself and "mocktails" for toasting the birthday boy. It was one of the best birthday parties I've ever put on or attended! And, Max was absolutely thrilled with the surprise and said it was one of the best birthday gifts he's ever received.

Sit-on statue dedicated to the hard working burro taxis of Mijas

Breathtaking vistas

Mijas Mission

I would never tire of this view!

Lunch at Oscar's Tapas Bar

I took this picture from the balcony directly over the table where we had lunch.

A big birthday surprise!

Oompa Loompas

Max's special birthday cake

Cheers to the birthday boy!

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