Sunday, January 03, 2016

Moving on down the road

This morning we left Consuegra, where the landscape reminded us very much of west Texas--flat, dry (except for obviously irrigated farmland), and mostly treeless. It wasn't long before the landscape changed completely, and we found ourselves driving through a beautiful mountainous area, overlaid entirely with olive groves. My mother-in-law stated that it was "olive trees like the stars in the sky," which is no exaggeration. Even in Italy and Greece, we never saw so many olive trees. As we approached our destination on the Spanish Riviera, the landscape changed again, as did the weather. It had been downright cold in Consuegra and drizzly for most of our drive, but when we arrived in Benalmadena Costa, it was sunny and very warm. Mimi and the boys were quick to change into swimsuits, so they could splash around in the Mediterranean and the pool. It really never gets warm enough for me to splash around in anything, but the view from our apartment is like Heaven, so I was quite content to hang out here and get us settled in. It's always challenging to start back to school after a holiday, but I think our the view and the promise of playing on the beach will help everyone make it through the morning tomorrow.

A lovely drive

The view out the front door of our apartment

The view from the bedroom and living room

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