Sunday, January 10, 2016


Yesterday we made a day trip over to Gibraltar, which seems like it should be part of Spain but is actually a British Overseas Territory. I think this means Gibraltar is sort of an independent nation, but not really. What it meant for us was that we had to go through the process of digging out our passports to show the completely uninterested border guards. There isn't much to Gibraltar--just a big rock, which you might have heard of. But, the view from the rock is pretty amazing, and it was cool to visit a cave on the side of the rock and the siege tunnels used in WWII. We also came across some Barbary Macaques, which some of us were a little wary of after encounters with some aggressive little monkeys in South Africa, though, thankfully, these Gibraltar apes left us alone. It was a fun outing, but, honestly, we were glad to get back to our little piece of paradise on the Spanish Riviera, which we were very sad to leave this afternoon. It was one of our favorite places of our whole trip, so far. But, we know new adventures await in Seville and beyond.

Rock of Gibraltar

The Bay of Gibraltar

St. Michael's Cave

Looking out from one of the siege tunnels.
We loved that the airstrip crossed the highway coming into Gibraltar.

Barbary Macaques

A date on the boardwalk in Benalmadena

Last sunset in Benalmadena...for now!

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