Friday, January 01, 2016

Nochevieja y Nuevo Ano

In Spain, New Year's Eve is called "Nochevieja," which comes from bygone days of calling it "Old Year's Night." I kind of like making the distinction between the old and the new, because both are important and worthy of consideration.

As the sun was setting on the last day of 2015, I had an opportunity to take a walk on the beach by myself. Aside from just being a lovely end to the day, it was also a wonderful time to reflect on this past year and to contemplate the year ahead. 

2015 brought more changes to my life than any other single year I have lived through thus far. But, I can say with conviction that it was probably my favorite year of all. I found myself in so many new places, having so many new experiences. But, more importantly, I found myself, my real true self, in so many unique places and through so many unique experiences, and I am better for it. I have learned to let go of so much physical and emotional baggage, so many things that I didn't even know were weighing me down. I have learned to live more simply and to find joy in unexpected places. I have learned to filter out a lot of the noise of life and seek out the sanctuaries. Not everything in 2015 was fun or easy or even interesting. There was sadness and anger and hurt and mistakes, just like any other year. But, there was also joy and peace and healing and learning.

I have been steering away from formal New Year's Resolutions for a few years now, as they seem to me a bit trite. Instead, I have been trying to make happy life choices throughout the days and weeks and months and years. Most of 2016 lies before me a complete unknown, and there was time in my life when that would have made me uncomfortable in so many ways. But, I have learned that I can choose my own happiness, regardless of the situations I find myself in, and that that happiness is the only one I am responsible for. I have also learned that happiness sometimes comes in unexpected ways, so it's important to keep an open mind.

So, whatever the year brings, I will look for the good and will embrace opportunities to become a better, truer version of myself. I hope you all have had or will have some time to reflect on the year that has passed and to consider the one that lies ahead. I wish you all joy and peace and healing and learning in this new year. May you find a better, truer version of yourself, and may you enjoy every part of the journey. Happy 2016!

Here are some pictures from our Nochevieja celebrations:

The sun setting on 2015

One of the Spanish traditions is to eat 12 grapes--
representing the 12 months of the coming year--
on each chime of the clock at midnight.
Those who succeed in eating all their grapes in the
allotted time will have good luck all year.
Our grapes came packaged in plastic champagne flutes,
so we were ready to toast the new year (with sparkling juice)
 when we finished our grapes.

Happy New Year!

Another Spanish tradition is to eat churros with chocolate
just before you go to bed on New Year's Day, after celebrating all night.
We were not able to find churros, so we made our own tradition,
and ate a delicious chocolate torta from a local bakery instead.

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