Friday, August 13, 2010

What a Week

  • Visited the land we hope to buy in Marble Falls to see where a house would go
  • Arrived home from an almost two-week vacation
  • Did gobs and gobs of laundry (I actually just oversaw this work, as it is Ruth's job)
  • Took Weston to the dentist to have his "appliance" installed
  • Wrestled with an icky head cold
  • Watched the middle child prance around in winter clothes in the 100+ degree Houston heat
  • Finalized the school schedule
  • Bought school supplies
  • Ordered CC materials
  • Visited the library--for story time and school books
  • Organized the homeschool room
  • Celebrated a birthday at The Downtown Aquarium
  • Scrubbed orange crayon off the walls and carpet at the top of the stairs
  • Made homemade lasagna
  • Explained to the 4-year-old why it's a bad idea to cut huge holes in the clothes you are wearing (or ANY clothes) with scissors
  • Double-paid the car payment (accidentally)
  • Worked on some rough draft house plans (Jeff did all the drawing and calculating, I just added my two cents every once in a while)
  • Signed a contract for the land, which we plan to close on before the end of September
  • Researched flooring and appliance options
  • Observed the youngest child learn a powerful lesson about how spicy cinnamon can be when poured with gusto directly from the jar into the mouth
  • Searched for recipes that will best use up all the food we brought back from Campmeeting
  • Experimented with a chai apple cake
  • Found our youngest child running around COMPLETELY naked, covered in *stuff* after attempting to change his own diaper, and of course, not even trying to go to the potty
  • Facilitated a treasure box decorating session
  • More-or-less finished an essay for a magazine contest

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