Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Orange" You Glad

Our (extended) family is in charge of one of the cook sheds at the camp we go to every year in the Davis Mountains. And, every year we divide up the food that's left over and bring it home. Even divided up, it's an obscene amount of food, so then we have to figure out what to do with all of it. It's like having Iron Chef's "secret ingredient" (or in this case, several secret ingredients). Some of the large quantity items we brought home this year included two 5 lb. containers of cottage cheese, one 5 lb. container of sour cream, more than 2 dozen biscuits, almost two dozen oranges, 3 large watermelons, maybe 20 cantaloupes, 10 lbs. of carrots, 4 lbs. of celery, a half gallon of ranch dressing, around 40 lemons, a dozen or more apples, about 60 limes, at least 25 lbs. of onions and a roast that looks more like a side of beef. Earlier in the week, I dove into the cottage cheese and came out with a Jell-o salad and a lasagna. Jeff has also been eating it every day for breakfast, so now we are down to just one container. I also used some of the apples in my Chai Apple Cake, though there are still half a dozen left. Today's secret ingredient was oranges. So far, I have made Chocolate-Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies, Orange Ginger Carrot Soup, Orange Honey Muffins, and Mexican Orange Thins. I think there is just enough zest and juice left for one more dish. It might be an Orange Pound Cake, but I really haven't decided yet. I might want to go the savory route instead. My freezer is full of the baked goods, and the soup is on the menu for dinner. If you like orange-flavored things, you should plan to stop by sometime. If you prefer some of the other citrus fruits, you may want to check back in a few days.

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