Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anniversary Adventure

Jeff and I had our 12th anniversary last Sunday. But, I had a meeting, and we were traveling back from Lake Buchanan, so we really didn't celebrate then. (Because I DO NOT count eating a cold chicken sandwich from Dairy Queen, in the truck, hours after Jeff and the kids ate there, a celebration). So, we celebrated last night. It was my year to plan our outing, so I picked some place really special: Churrasco's. This is the place Jeff and I ate on the night we got engaged!

So, the sitter arrived and Jeff and I headed downtown. We ran into a traffic situation, but we were still able to arrive at the restaurant in time for our reservation. We sat in a cozy little booth and enjoyed an appetizer and some lovely conversation. Then, our main courses arrived, and I had just taken about three bites, when I noticed some movement over my right shoulder. Turning my head to get a better look, I found a two-inch long water bug running very quickly along the back of the booth straight toward me! Now these bugs (along with their evil cockroach relatives) are absolutely the thing that make me cringe the most. I. Can. Not. Stand. Them. I hopped up out of my seat like greased lightening and all but ran right out the front door of the restaurant, fighting the urge to surrender my appetizer to my napkin. Meanwhile, Jeff calls the waiter over to have him "take care of the situation."  He is appropriately mortified, and deals with the bug. Eventually, I re-enter the restaurant, but cannot sit in my spot and can barely choke down my dinner. Shortly thereafter, the manager appeared, apologizing profusely and offering to comp our meal. We left without dessert and will not likely ever return.

So, feeling that our date had been cut a little short, we headed over to Central Market for dessert. We purchased goodies from the bakery and then went over to the little coffee bar to round out the treat. I like coffee more than I used to, but it's pretty rare that I order it out. It's usually too strong for me. Plus, I really like Chai lattes, so I usually order one of those, which I did last night. When the drinks were ready, we found a table and began another lovely conversation about our new house. I took a big sip of my Chai and could hardly keep from spitting it out. It tasted just like coffee! Jeff tasted it, too, and agreed. So, he took it back, thinking the guy had only heard the "latte" part of the order, but was quickly assured that "all the Chai lattes come with a shot of espresso." So, Jeff ordered again: "A chai latte, without the espresso." This one came out a little less than lukewarm. By then, we were just tired of messing with it, so I drank it as it was, and we called it a night.

But despite all the craziness, we still had a wonderful anniversary! I'm so thankful that I get to be married to my very best friend, and I love how the years just keep getting more fun! We are filing this date night in our "adventure" file and will be laughing about it for years, no doubt--once I stop having nightmares about that bug!


  1. Um, ew.

    The first week we moved to Texas, my mom had to report to her classroom and Danny and I were left to ourselves in our new HOT Texas home.

    There was a tornado one day. Fine. Get in the laundry room. No big deal.

    But another day, there was a water bug. A huge, gross water bug. And I called mom at her new school crying and pulled her out of a teacher's conference. Because those things are gross.

    I understand.

  2. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Oh Mandi, that's classic! I loved reading about it... you're so great. I love you, my friend!


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