Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Potential Home Buyer (whoever you may be):

I really want my house to be nice for you. I want you to walk in and be completely wowed. And, goodness knows, I am trying to make it so. But the thing is, the small people who currently live in this house have made it their mission to destroy this place bit by bit--and to chip away at my sanity while they are at it. From the moment we put the sign in the yard, it seems they have ramped up their destructive forces, and I'm afraid that I will be overwhelmed by them completely in the very near future. I'm not really sure how many surfaces remain to be colored upon or how much elbow grease I have left. But, I believe you can save this house from total destruction. You can give it new life--or if you have small people of your own, perhaps step into the demolition zone without flinching. So, if you could just hurry up your decision-making process a little and buy this house, that'd be great. Also, we will become very serious about building a new house before too long, and it would be nice to hand this one off to you before that time. All that to say, we are ready when you are, and the sooner the better!

Most Sincerely,
Mandi Watts

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