Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She writes like a champion


Sometimes I dream of cheetahs
Galloping after a gazelle.
I also dream that I'm riding a horse
Fast across the sand.
There are even times when dreams are scary,
And I wish they would leave me alone.
Sometimes dreams rock like a baby's cradle,
And that makes me happy.
Sometimes, my dreams are lonely or sad. 
There are times when dreams remind me of trees or giraffes
That are so, so high.
Sometimes, they remind me of the beach, 
With rolling waves, soft sand, pleasant sun and seagulls soaring overhead.
I don't know what dreams are to you, 
But I hope they make you happy.

Ruth's assignment for Writing Class today was to brainstorm words and phrases that come to mind upon hearing the word "dream," and then to write a poem using some items off her list. She wrote the above poem, which I think is beautiful. But, since we haven't worked much on the pre-writing process, and because she is my daughter, she actually used the brainstorming time to write another poem, which is at least as good as the final draft (in the humble opinion of the mom/writing teacher). It's no wonder the girl has the state champion title for creative writing!

Dreams (Pre-Writing Exercise)

Sometimes, dreams remind me of cheetahs,
Other times turtles.
On other occasions, they remind me of giraffes,
Looming up, up, up.
Sometimes, they're black, blue, green, even red!
There are times when they rock. 
There are days when they are happy, sad, lonely or mad.
Sometimes, I wish dreams would leave me alone. 
There are times when I dream that I am riding a horse,
Fast as the wind.
Sometimes they are scary.
They remind me of the beach.


  1. I'm super impressed! I could really use her in one of my classes! She would definately bring some sanity to third grade.

  2. Well, I can't give her to you, but you are welcome to use her stuff as an example, if you'd like. Hope school is going well for you so far!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Those are both awesome! She really has a gift for writing--which she gets from her mother. Can you email them to me so I can print them and frame them? Love, Mom


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