Sunday, August 02, 2015

The importance of bathroom mirrors

We recently stayed in a house that didn't have a mirror in one of the bathrooms. And, every time I went in there, something just seemed not quite right. I do not often think of myself as vain, but the absence of the mirror was noticeable. There were other mirrors in the house, but, still, I missed the bathroom mirror. So, I got to thinking: "What's so important about a bathroom mirror?" This is what I came up with:

We need a place where we can examine ourselves freely, without the scrutinizing eyes of our sweetie or our children or a friend or a stranger or the world. We need places where we we can be alone with ourselves and just look. This extends far beyond a peek at our physical appearance. Unfortunately, many people I know seem to be uncomfortable with this kind of personal scrutiny, and so it is like they intentionally leave out the mirror in the bathroom, and then things just don't quite seem right. We need to take the time to examine ourselves, to know our flaws and features, to work on the things that need work and accentuate the assets. And, sometimes, we need to do this without the influences of even those who are closest to us, because it is important to know ourselves. Other mirrors have their place, for sure, but the one you will miss the most is the one in that most private of places.

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