Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fun in Salzburg

After driving around in Salzburg for a little while today, trying to find some of the filming locations of The Sound of Music, with mixed results, we decided to visit the Hellbrunn Palace, which is the former summer palace of Archbishop Markus Sittikus. No one ever lived in the palace or even spent one night there. It was built, some four hundred years ago, simply for entertaining. We had a tour of the trick fountains, which must have been a marvel for their time and presumably annoying to some guests, who ended up all wet. Then we explored the grounds, which contain the original pavilion from The Sound of Music scene with the song "You are Sixteen, Going on Seventeen," as well as some beautiful gardens and an incredible playground. Finally, we toured the palace itself. 

After that, we headed back to our apartment for some down time before our evening out at the Salzburg Marionette Theatre, where we saw the most unique version of The Sound of Music we had ever seen. We were all astounded and excited by the fantastic puppet show and had fun silently singing along with our favorite songs from the movie. If you are ever in Salzburg, I would say this is a must!

Hellbrunn Palace

This was one of the trick fountains: an animated musical theater run entirely by water.
The trick was once the audience was engrossed in this marvel,
water would shoot up from the ground behind them.

Thinking about intentionally getting in the fountain

This one loved the trick fountains and didn't mind getting wet!

The grounds were lovely!

One of the gorgeous flowers in the garden

The Sound of Music pavilion

We love playgrounds and pretty days!

Round and round and round they go

One happy boy!

A night out at the theatre

The Salzburg Marionette Theatre


The Van Trapp family singers
(This photo is not my own, but came from the theatre's website)

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