Monday, August 24, 2015


One thing that travel gives you plenty of opportunities to do is be flexible. We have truly been fortunate in our travels that things have mostly gone smoothly. But, sometimes, they definitely don't go according to plan. For instance, the plan for today was to cross the English Channel through the Chunnel (a train tunnel that goes underneath the English Channel) on a high speed train. We weren't sure what time we would be able to get off this morning or how long it would take us to make the drive from Belgium, so we opted to buy our tickets at the terminal instead of online, which would have required us to choose a particular departure time. Only, they weren't selling tickets at the terminal today, because of some glitch in their system. So, we turned our car around and headed to the ferry terminal to try our luck there. Fortunately, they were selling tickets, and we were able to get on board and continue on to London, as planned, and only delayed from our original timetable by a couple of hours. This route brought us into port at Dover, so we were excited to see the famous "White Cliffs of Dover." We also thought it apropos that we docked, disembarked and drove to London in the midst of a fairly significant rain storm. That's just exactly the picture I have of England in my head.

The P&O Ferry Boat that brought us to England

This sweet boy had a blast on the boat, playing in the the "Family Lounge"

The White Cliffs of Dover coming into view through the rain

A close-up of the white cliffs

Looking back out at the English Channel from Dover

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