Thursday, August 13, 2015

A cheesy little outing

We did a session of school this morning and then decided to visit the local cheese factory/museum. There was something for everyone, and we had a great time! (I'm pretty sure that between the chocolate and the cheese, someone is going to have to roll me out of Switzerland!)

Tete de Moine cheese museum and factory in Bellelay

Clay, of course, found a statue, which he promptly named "Peacock."

Old school cheese making equipment
(Or the largest fondue pot that ever existed!)

Coloring pages and Dot-to-Dots were a big hit with the younger guys.

The Cheese Cellar

Tete de Moine means "Monk's Head" and was so named
because it was originally produced by monks,
and the shaving technique brought to mind a monk's tonsure.
The specialized cheese knife is called a girolle,
and produces lovely little cheese rosettes when you spin it around.
We may have been just as happy with that as the the cheese!

Our silly food lover and his gigantic cheese rosette.

There was a huge stable associated with the place,
and our horse lover made some new friends. 

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