Saturday, July 11, 2015

V&A Waterfront

Today was cold and wet, so we were looking for indoor activities. We found plenty down at the V&A Waterfront. Our first order of business was to visit the Springbok Experience, which is a rugby museum that Weston found for us. It was fun to learn a bit about the game and get to play around with some of the interactive exhibits. After that, we found one of the less wet picnic tables near the playground and consumed our sack lunch and some treats from a nearby bakery, while listening to some fun live music. Next up was the enclosed ferris wheel, where we had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the great views of the harbor. Finally, we headed over to the Two Oceans Aquarium, where we saw lots of beautiful and unique sea creatures. We love Cape Town and feel that we could easily spend at least twice as much time here as what we have scheduled!

Practicing some rugby drills

He kicks... He scores!

The little boys had a blast on the ocean themed playground!

Ready to ride!

Ferris Wheel selfie

A view of the harbor from the top of the Ferris Wheel

One group of performers that entertained us while we were on the waterfront

Clay almost got eaten by a penguin at the aquarium!

These tubular anemones were beautiful and mesmerizing.

A beautiful display

The touch pool was a big hit with these three!

Shark Attack!


  1. The Cape Wheel3:54 AM

    Hi Mandy I have enjoyed reading about your adventures! Looks like you are enjoying your stay in Cape Town. I work on the Cape Wheel social media pages and have scheduled a post to share your blog and story about your day in the V&A Waterfront. (will post on Tuesday)

    Happy travels

  2. My children would love a day like that too. My oldest daughter, 15, has loved sharks all her life.


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