Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another day in the wine lands

Tomorrow, we will catch a train that will take us to the other side of South Africa, so for our last day in the Cape Town area, we had another outing to Stellenbosch, the main grape growing region. Our first stop was Vredenheim Winery and Big Cat Park, where we had a delicious lunch, a nice wine tasting, and an encounter with some beautiful big cats. The setting was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was truly a delightful experience!

From there, we headed over to Waterford Winery, for a wine and chocolate tasting. We had had a wine under this label at our fancy dinner in Victoria Falls and were eager to track down the winery and try some of their other offerings. We are so glad we did! This was one of the most amazing wineries we have ever been to, and every single wine was superb! And, the kids got to participate in their own chocolate tasting, which was obviously a hit.  The owners also invited them to pick as many clementines from the orchard out front as they could carry away. And, as we were on our way home, we were treated to the most fantastic sunset. It was a wonderful end to our time here in the Cape area. We have really and truly loved this part of our journey!

Chilled grape juice for lunch
(Easily the best grape juice any of us have ever had)

We finally got to try bobotie, a local dish our landlords told us about. So. Very. Delicious.

Wall of wine at Vredenheim


Vredenheim vines.
(Bonus points if you can find the cheetah in the picture)

In case you missed the cheetah in the last photo

Vredenheim Wildlife and Winery

The majestic (and somewhat rare) white lion

Titan, warning the crowd to stay away from his lunch

Welcome to Waterford

A comfy couch. A plate of exotic chocolates.
It really doesn't get much better than this!

So excited about the chocolate tasting

Chocolate is this girl's love language!

Because this is our favorite winery we have ever visited
Waterford Winery


Picking clementines to take home

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