Friday, July 31, 2015


Our last day in Tuscany was spent in Florence, which we loved! We got to watch some sculptors in action as they created beautiful reliefs, visit a wooden toy store (in the style of Pinocchio), ride an antique carousel in a city square, and learn about Da Vinci and many of his incredible inventions and paintings, at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. It was a really wonderful day! (To see more about our time in Tuscany, check out my previous post.)

Sculpture Studio

Max posing as Pinocchio at Bartolucci Toy Store

Piazza Della Republica

Back in the saddle

Il Duomo di Firenze--Florence Cathedral

This invention of Da Vinci's was the precursor to the modern firetruck ladder.

Da Vinci had some pretty explosive ideas.

Gelato in Firenze (Florence)

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