Thursday, July 09, 2015

Cape of Good Hope, Boulder Beach and Table Mountain

We arrived in Cape Town, South Africa a couple of days ago and have been driving on the left ever since. It is somewhat baffling and slightly terrifying, but my hubby makes it look easy, and we're thankful to have him driving us around.

Yesterday, we drove down to the Cape of Good Hope, and spent a large part of the day exploring the national park there. It is pretty amazing to be able to stand in one place and see two oceans at the same time! We had lunch at the onsite restaurant, rode the funicular, took a look at the old lighthouse, and even saw a couple of elands grazing. It is a very beautiful place, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously! Plus, it was just cool to think about being on the southernmost tip of such a huge continent. From there, we made our way to Boulder Beach, where we observed the local penguin colony for quite a while, despite the drizzly weather. It was such an oddity to see penguins on a sandy beach, in a relatively warm location! We also spent some time playing on the huge boulders that pepper the shore and give it its name.

Today, we drove over to Table Mountain and rode the cable car to the top. We had a picnic lunch in one of the most beautiful locations you can imagine! We hiked around on the paths for most of the day and read most of the informational signs, so that the kids could complete a scavenger hunt, which they received when we bought our tickets for the cable car. Speaking of which, the cable cars, with the spinning floors (to give the passengers a 360 degree view), were a big hit with the kids. We are very impressed with Cape Town, so far, and look forward to spending a few more days exploring the area. 

Our three bedroom, two bathroom apartment is on the second floor.
Aside from the awesome Internet, my two favorite features are daily maid service
and the secret master bathroom, which you enter through the wardrobe.
I keep thinking I may find a plate of turkish delight or a very large lion in there,
but, so far, it hasn't been quite as magical as that. 

Table Mountain, as seen from our back balcony

About as south as you can get in Africa

The view of the Indian Ocean from the Two Oceans restaurant, where we had lunch yesterday

The defunct, but still neat, lighthouse at Cape Point

The Cape of Good Hope and the Atlantic Ocean

We put the "fun" in "funicular!"

Grazing elands in the Cape of Good Hope National Park

Some of the South African penguin popluation at Boulder Beach

There is definitely a reason they call it "Boulder Beach."

I'm always a sucker for babies!

These two were so very excited to see the penguins!

My "babies" at Boulder Beach

It just doesn't get much more fun than big rocks on the beach!

The "Table Cable" at Table Mountain

A nice view from the cable car of Lion's Head and Robben Island in the distance

Primo Picnic Place

Looking down on Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean
(That's Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 20 years, on the left.)

This part of Table Mountain is almost always draped with a cloudy tablecloth.

Family pic on Table Mountain

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    How beautiful! So glad you are seeing these sights and yes, a little jealous! Love to all, Nana


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