Sunday, July 12, 2015

Half-Birthday Fun

As the half-birthday boy, Max had the privilege of choosing our agenda for the day. He decided on the Cool Runnings Toboggan Park, which was a huge hit with all the kids, and The Giraffe House, which was great for the little boys and kind of so-so for the rest of us. When the cold weather and disturbing creepy-crawly hands-on show got the best of us, we headed back to the house for a late lunch and a viewing of the "Cool Runnings" movie, to round out the day. For dinner, we had a taste of home with homemade chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, followed by store-bought half-birthday cake.

Heading to the top of the toboggan hill

Weston approved of Max's half-birthday choice wholeheartedly!

Hooray for Dad and Clay!

A fun day for the half-birthday boy

That's Max, under the hood, trying to stay warm while feeding the goats at The Giraffe House.

Clay enjoyed feeding the goats, but he was a little concerned they might eat his fingers.

The namesake of The Giraffe House

The young springbok was testing his mettle by sparring with the older one.

Another friend at The Giraffe House, who you may remember from the alphabet.

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