Saturday, June 13, 2015

Numismatic Museum and Gulf of Corinth

 We had promised our coin collecting boys a trip to the Numismatic Museum before we left Athens, so this morning we headed over there as our last hurrah. It was really interesting and everyone enjoyed it.

From there, we headed out of the city to the more rural western part of Greece. We are staying in a charming house that smells like roses, in a tiny little coastal town (with only about six streets) called Valimitika. We spent a lovely afternoon at the mostly unpopulated, mainly unpolluted rocky beach on the Gulf of Corinth, at the end of our street. The water is the clearest water I have ever seen, which gives a sensational view of the marbled and colorful rocks on the bottom. Going to the beach is not the kids' favorite thing because, obviously, I've failed as a parent because they don't enjoy getting sandy, but today we could hardly drag them away. But, when we did, we drove over to the next little town (which is a virtual metropolis compared to where we are), Aigio, where we found a restaurant with tables overlooking the Gulf for our last dinner in Greece. We enjoyed a sampling of delicious Greek food and an absolutely beautiful sunset. 

Tomorrow evening, we will catch the ferry to Italy, but we all agree that Greece is one of our favorite places we have visited so far. 

The ceiling in the Numismatic Museum 

Owls and olive branches, which are both symbols of Athena,
figure prominently in the coinage throughout Greece's history.

These coins from Knossos depict labyrinths, which the kids were excited about
since they just heard the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Our Valimitiko home

Roses, in the garden of our rose-scented home

Love these kids and this place!

Beautiful rocks on the sea floor. We could not get over how clear the water was.

Max, getting his float on.

We love Greece!

Weston and his hot dog rocks

The little lighthouse in Aigio

The sign says this plane tree dates back to 200 A.D.

Last dinner in Greece, on the Gulf of Corinth

The food was delicious and the view wasn't too shabby either. 

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