Saturday, June 27, 2015

Camping Village Fabulous

After eating a great deal of pizza and gelato in Naples, we exceeded the acceptable weight limit and were kicked out :). So, we headed on over to our fabulous campground, appropriately named Camping Village Fabulous, just outside of Rome. This is similar to the place we stayed in The Netherlands, with a pool and all sorts of kids activities. It is full of families from everywhere, and the boys have already made a friend from Ireland. This is a really fun place, and we are glad we get to spend the week here!

The campground sits in the midst of a beautiful 70 acre pine forest

So much fun on the water slide!

practicing his "big arms"

The boys worked out a bunch of pent up energy in the pool this afternoon

Our Camping Village Fabulous house

Clay wanted to take selfies while we waited on dinner to be ready

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