Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Our last stop on our Romanian tour is Bucharest, and I don't mind telling you, we are glad we came, but it hasn't been the most awesome stop of our European tour. It is a large, noisy, dirty, ugly, smelly, run-down city. But, it isn't all negative.

Here are some positives:

1. We are very much enjoying deciphering the Romanian language, which, as a Romance language, more resembles the Spanish and Portuguese we have more practice with.

2. This apartment has air conditioning in the living room and master bedroom, which we are super thankful for, as this is the warmest stop we've had so far (high 80s), and this allows us to shut out some of the street noise at night.

3. There was a real-deal bag of ice in the freezer when we arrived. If you haven't traveled much in Europe, you may not appreciate the true value of this.

4. There is a single comforter on the master bed. Romania has been the first country we've visited where this has been the case. Every other place has had two twin comforters instead. (Top sheets have also not been prevalent in our travels, though the last two places we visited did have them.)

5. You can park wherever you want--whichever direction and at whatever angle strikes your fancy, completely blocking in other cars, in the middle of a lane of traffic, on the sidewalk. There don't seem to be any rules about this at all. You are only limited by the driver's daring and imagination. (Additionally, lanes for traffic tend to be more of a suggestion than something that needs to be strictly adhered to.)

6. This is the cheapest country we've visited so far. As an example, we were able to park for several hours, in a popular part of town, for around the equivalent of US$1.

We did also get to visit the natural history museum, which the kids really enjoyed, though the taxidermy work left a little to be desired. (We actually saw googly eyes glued on some of the animals!)

The adventure continues tomorrow, as we head to Bulgaria.

Our statue lover at the natural history museum

The Natural History Museum (Antipa)

Just park wherever/however you want!

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