Monday, June 15, 2015

Goodbye, Greece. Hello, Italy.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3:00, we checked in for the ferry boat that would take us across the Gulf of Corinth and the Ionian Sea, from Greece to Italy. There wasn't a sign or person stationed anywhere to give us instructions, so we waded our way through the chaos and disorganization the best we could and finally boarded the boat a couple of hours later, right on time. We had never had the experience of an overnight ferry trip before, so we were all very excited. We played cards in the lounge, told stories on the deck, saw the most amazing sunset, and got to enjoy two pretty decent meals. We landed in Brindisi, Italy this morning, and then drove for about four hours to get to our home in Naples, where we will stay for two full weeks, ending our stretch of very brief stays. We will slow the tourism portion of the trip down a little while we are here and try to focus a bit more on school and work. We will definitely still see the sights and eat some pizza, as this is the birthplace of that international culinary delight, but it won't be quite as constant as it has been in the first part of our journey. We kicked off our time here with gelato for dinner, so I'd say we're off to a pretty great start!

One of our two cabins aboard the ferry

Goodbye, Greece.

There were tons of beautiful little islands all along the way.

A sunset for the record books

eager to land in Italy

coming into port at Brindisi

Naples is known for its lemon groves.
This beautiful tree sits across the street from our house.

Our Naples home

Gelato for dinner to celebrate our arrival in Italy

So much personality here!

We've been talking about having gelato in Italy for a year.
We were all glad to move from the talking stage to the eating stage!

Trust me when I tell you this was a mess of royal proportions just waiting to happen!

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