Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mountain and Beach

Day before yesterday, when we arrived, we found a bowl of beautiful cherries waiting for us in our apartment. Later, the kids told the owner how much they enjoyed them, and she took us around to the cherry tree in the yard, which was heavily laden with perfect fruit and told us we could pick as many as we wanted. So, yesterday morning, the kids hopped up and made a beeline for the tree. They filled up a gallon bag, which we tucked in with our picnic stuff, after sampling a few.

We took our picnic with us over to Mt. Olympus (which honestly sounds surreal to even type), where we hiked, enjoyed our picnic and engaged in the true Olympic sport of cherry pit spitting. In the early afternoon, we literally felt the fog roll in around us and decided we better head down the mountain before the rain came in, too. It was a wise move, because by the time we got to the bottom and in our car, the rain was indeed coming down.

We came back to the apartment for some rest time. After a couple of hours the rain had stopped, and we were ready to hit the beach. I must tell you it is a little odd, but oh so awesome, to be standing on the beach and look one direction to see the sea and the other direction to see snow capped mountains. We found a cafe with a play area, and settled ourselves in, with some snacks and drinks, to enjoy the beautiful day. Eventually, we decided we wanted some real food, so we moved on to another cafe for dinner, which was a sampling of delicious Greek dishes. We could definitely get used to life in Olympic Beach, but today we are off to Athens and new adventures.

Our Olympic Beach Home

Purple Mountains Majesty
(The sunset view from our balcony)

little cherry picker

Beautiful and Delicious

Mt. Olympus, here we come!

taking a break on the trail

picnicking among the gods

Dad explains the rules of the cherry pit spitting contest

Looking down from Mt. Olympus

foggy, but still breathtaking

Our path went up toward this small peak

Mt. Olympus, as seen from the beach

hanging out at the beach

These two had so much fun playing in the sandy play area

And the most creative use of a stroller goes to...this enterprising beach vender!

Olympic Beach

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