Thursday, June 23, 2016

The North Side of the Island

Today, we visited the north side of Kauai and were so privileged to see Hanalei, The Queen's Bath, and Kilauea Lighthouse. Each spot was so lovely, and we made fantastic memories! Of all the Hawaiian islands I've visited, I think Kauai is truly the most beautiful.

Hanalei Valley

I fell instantly in love with this little church in Hanalei!

The charming Hanalei chocolate store was just barely
big enough for the six of us to squeeze into!

Queen's Bath

A handsome guy in a beautiful place!

Swimming in the frigid Queen's Bath

Following his sister's lead

A conversation about who should jump first

Leap of faith

Racking up some extra style points

We were thrilled to see one of Hawaii's monk seals
frolicking in the waves just beyond the pool!

Queen's Bath was a little rough and deep for the younger guys,
but they still enjoyed the little tidal pools...

And climbing all over the huge rocks!

Kilauea Point

Kilauea Lighthouse

Matchy-matchy at Sam's Oceanview Restaurant for dinner

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