Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May 31st Times Two

Day before yesterday, we woke up in New Zealand on May 31st. It was rainy and cold. We drove to Auckland and spent the day enjoying the city. We visited the Sky Tower and had lunch in the revolving restaurant. Later we played at a park, until a brief but intense rain and hail storm drove us to the safety of the car. At that point, we decided to go ahead and make our way to the airport. We boarded our plane just before midnight, and it was June 1st when we were finally airborne.

During the night, we crossed the International Date Line, on our way to Honolulu, HI. So, when we woke up, it was May 31st again. This time around it was sunny and warm. We spent the afternoon at the Ala Moana mall in Honolulu, where we took care of some business and saw our first hula show.

The kids laughed and joked about how we would be leaving New Zealand "tomorrow" and arriving in Hawaii "today." And, it was a rare enough occurrence that it deserved a party...or two.

First May 31st Party

Sky Tower in Auckland

Hula Show at Ala Moana Mall

Second May 31st Party

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