Thursday, June 09, 2016

Kahaluu Beach

We spent several hours at Kahaluu Beach today. It's a fantastic, shallow, natural cove with excellent snorkelling. We saw so many beautiful fish, in such vivid and breathtaking colors and patterns. We also got to see a couple of green sea turtles, which was a big thrill!

Kahaluu Beach, with it's natural rock barrier which keep the big waves out

We were so thrilled to spot a couple of green turtles!

We saw so many moorish idol fish.

The yellow tang fish were abundant and friendly.

Sea urchins were peeking out from every crevice.

Contrary to what this photo might have you believe,
Clay never stuck his face in the water.
He was interested in all the gear, but he kept to the rocks.

Max snorkeled on and off, but eventually gave up
because he didn't like the taste of the sea water.

Weston has been snorkeling two times in deep water,
and hasn't really enjoyed either outing.
But today, in the shallow water, he couldn't get enough of it. 

Ruth's favorite part of the day was seeing the turtle.

A trip to the beach wouldn't have been complete
without a Hawaiian shave ice!

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