Monday, June 20, 2016

Polynesian Cultural Center

Hangin' Loose at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Canoe Pageant was beautiful,
and we were impressed with the dancers skills.

We enjoyed all the demonstrations
Top left: Making tapa cloth
Top right: Poi making
Bottom left: Making coconut oil
Bottom right: This guy demonstrated several things.
Here is was going to show us how to scrape the meat out of the coconut
by sitting on this stool with a serrated metal tip, but first he decided to have a little fun
and pretend that the stool was a big gun.

Different tattoos mean different things.
Our younger guys got chief tattoos, while the older two opted for warrior ink.
(I, of course, got the queen tattoo but have no picture to prove it.)

Polynesian Games

One of our favorite things was watching this guy
climb the coconut tree without any equipment.
On his way down, he stopped to entertain the crowd with a variety of poses.

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