Friday, September 18, 2015


Our youngest student has a fountain of academic enthusiasm welling up inside of him and bubbling over into his little blue notebook. He eagerly engages in every class and has been working on numbers and letters like a boss. He picks things up very quickly and is always so proud of his work. The other day, I was helping another student, and Clay was busy writing something in his notebook. When I looked up, he proclaimed that he had drawn a compass. It was a fairly decent reckoning, and I asked him where he had learned about compasses, because I knew I hadn't taught him. He quickly responded that Watta JJ had taught him, and, as it was a day that I was struggling with my own confidence in my ability to teach my kids everything they need to know (or anything, for that matter), I almost cried tears of joy. I have never been so thankful for an imaginary friend and was so glad to know that Clay had someone reliable to teach him all the important things in life.

Our history story today mentioned bows and arrows, which reminded Clay of what he wants to be when he grows up: a cowboy in a doublewide rocketship, shooting a bow and arrow. While I was trying to help the other two boys write summary paragraphs about our lesson, Clay kept asking me how to spell words, and I kept spouting off letters in between delivering instructions to and answering questions for the other boys. When everyone was done with their writing, Clay proudly turned in his paper, which said, clear as day, "Cowboy in a rocketship." I'm going to recommend Watta JJ for Teacher of the Year.

Working on numbers and problems from the green book


It's important to write out your goals

So proud of this sweet boy!

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