Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Picton Castle

Today was another day off for us, and boy did we need it! After a hard week of school, a few of us feeling just a little under the weather, fluctuating hormones, and several days of rain and chilly temps, we were very ready for a pretty day to get out and about. We decided to visit Picton Castle, which is about 30 minutes from our house, and we enjoyed a lovely day there. The grounds are amazing, with several different garden areas, a fantastic playground, and lots of secret paths to explore. We all feel refreshed now and are so thankful for this day to recharge in this beautiful place.

Picton Castle 

Taking the Jungle Path

Among the giant gunnera plants

Mushroom Man

The wall was built to carry people horizontally, but, of course, this one went vertical.

The first to make it to the center of the hedge maze. 

Our first time to visit a lawnmower museum

All the outlaws in the stocks

The race is on!

This giant Western Red Cedar provided a great deal of entertainment for these silly monkeys!

I love how these two love each other!


A small selection of the gorgeous flowers in the gardens

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