Thursday, September 03, 2015

Beer Beach

Yesterday afternoon, we walked over to Beer Beach and spent several lovely hours there. The beach is entirely made of smooth rocks of various sizes and colors, which was paradise for our three young lads. We also stopped at Ducky's beach cafe for ice cream and "cream tea," which is a local specialty and was absolutely delicious. We visited the fish market but ultimately decided we'd like to have someone else dress and prepare our fish, so we didn't buy anything. Finally, we made our way to the playground for a swinging good time. While Jeff had the kids corralled there, I decided to explore the coastal path and take in the sweeping vistas of the Channel. At one point, I lost my footing and splattered all over the ground. All kinds of thoughts go through your head when your are flat on your rear on the side of a hill. Turns out I'm pretty shallow and not all that concerned with my well-being. My thought process went like this:

Did anyone see me? No, thankfully, there's no one around.

Did I break my camera? No. Thank goodness.

Did I tear my pants? No, but they are filthy. I'll have to change before dinner, but I was going to wash them the next time we did laundry anyway, so it could have been worse.

Am I hurt? Not seriously-- just a couple of bumps and bruises-- but I will definitely be sore tomorrow.

Wait. There's no one around. I could have killed myself and no one would have known.

But at least I didn't tear my pants.

Jeff and I had a 5-minute date on the beach, while the kids ordered their ice cream.
Believe me, that counts. So, we needed a selfie to prove it.

Ice cream on the beach

Our cream tea was absolutely delightful. 

All of the rocks were special and needed to be brought home.

Beer Beach 

We felt there could be pirates lurking anywhere.

There is simply no joy like an unlimited pile of rocks to throw into the sea!

Cute little beach huts

Right after I took this picture, I found myself down on the ground in a most undignified position.

Beer Beach, with our caravan park on the hill in the distance

Fun for everyone!

Clay was happy to find a statue of Tom and Jerry

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