Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beach Boys

My older two kids don't enjoy sandy beaches, and if I didn't have vivid memories of pushing them out of my body, I would seriously wonder if they actually shared my genetics. But, my little guys love the beach. They get excited about the sand, the water, the rocks, the shells--all of it. And they are now big enough to play without me having to hover over them, which makes it fun for everyone. What a joy it was to spend several hours at the beach with them this afternoon! We got there when the tide was way out and stayed until it reached its predetermined stopping place on the shore. And for most of that time, we were the only souls in sight. It was a wonderful way to spend a gorgeous afternoon!

The tide was way out, which created a treasure trove of
tidal pools, unexplored rocks, and a lovely layer of pure sand.

These boys have been talking about digging all week!

The beach is my happy place!

Building a dam

Max manufactured a waterfall and then waited for the tide to fill it up

Here comes the water

A bonus treasure: seaweed connected to a rock!

Perfecting his technique

A great skipper

The rare beach rhino

Know what's better than finding an intact shell?
An intact shell with a tiny critter inside!

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