Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where in the world are the Watts?

I told Jeff the other day that it would probably be enough for me to homeschool the kids. Or to be a CC director. Or to try to sell the house. Or to plan an around-the-world trip. But sometimes trying to do all of those things simultaneously is a bit much, and I feel the crazy threatening to take over. I just keep reminding myself that all are rewarding and totally worth it and that I won't always have all these things on my plate.

The good news is, some of the work is already paying off, and I am excited to report that our travel plans are really coming together! We now know, and have confirmed, where we will be staying all the nights from the time we leave Marble Falls on May 4 until we leave Africa on July 24. In case you're curious about where in the world the Watts will be during those months, here's a schedule so you can follow along:

May 4Dallas, TX
May 5Airplane (from Dallas to Frankfurt, Germany)
May 6Windeck, Germany
May 7-13Rijinsburg, Netherlands
May 14Hamburg, Germany
May 15-16Berlin, Germany
May 17-19Prague, Czech Republic
May 19-25Vienna, Austria
May 26-27Mako, Hungary
May 28-29Deva, Romania
May 30-31Bran, Romania
June 1-2Bucharest, Romania
June 3-4Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
June 5-6Sofia, Bulgaria
June 7-8Estias, Greece
June 9-12Athens, Greece
June 13Ferry Boat (from Greece to Italy)
June 14-27Naples, Italy
June 28-July 2Rome, Italy
July 3Airplane (from Rome, Italy to Livingstone, Zambia)
July 4Livingstone, Zambia
July 5-6Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
July 7-14Cape Town, South Africa
July 15Train (from Cape Town to Johannesburg)
July16Nelspruit, South Africa
July 17-18Draasloot, South Africa
July 19-22Kruger National Park, South Africa
July 23Johannesburg, South Africa
July 24Airplane (from Johannesburg, SA to Rome, Italy via Cairo, Egypt)

We will also be updating the world map and local time clock, both located on the right hand side of the blog, as we travel, so that will give you another way to keep up with us. We are really looking forward to watching that percentage of countries visited number go up and up and up!


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    On the one hand I am so excited to see all those wonderful places through your blog because I know I will never get there, but on the other hand I will worry about y'all and I know the grandparents will miss those kiddoes something awful! Post lots of pics as I will be living vicariously through your travel blog!!!! Have a wonderful time and safe travels. Luv you guys. Linda Sue and the Owens Cousins

  2. Thanks for following along on our adventure, Linda Sue. We will definitely post lost of pictures and keep everyone updated through the blog.

  3. Aww, what an amazing adventure!! We will be praying for safe travels. We are in the Texas Hill Country Homeschoolers Group, and have met you and your family a time or two. Have a wonderful time!!
    The Moore Family


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