Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve Shrimp Boil
(Max just could not believe Dad was pouring the food directly on the table!)

nom, nom, nom

The New Year Fairy came and set up the breakfast table after the kids went to bed.

She also added door decor.

2015 looks like it will be a great year!

Four times the good luck, with four varieties of black-eyed peas to sample

Ruth missed the breakfast picture, since she partied all night with her friends,
and I'm always the picture taker, but we still wanted to show our New Year spirit.
We are very much looking forward to all this new year has to offer! We hope your new year's celebrations were as much fun as ours and that 2015 will be filled with blessings and adventures in abundance for you and yours! Happy New Year!

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