Sunday, January 11, 2015

Party Day

Max will turn seven tomorrow, so we made plans to have his party today. Actually, he opted not to have a party and instead just wanted to go to Jumpoline Park in Austin. But, we put the word out to the family and many of them decided to come spend the day with us. So, what started out as no party, really turned into quite a little shindig. And, we all had so much fun! After the first hour of jumping, we went over to the neighboring Applebee's for lunch and cake, before heading back for more jumping fun. It was a wonderful day of celebrating our almost-seven-year-old!

Max's candy cake that he made himself
(the BEFORE picture)

man in motion

ready to take on the trampolines

3/4 of the crew

happy little boys

jumping with big sister

Cake Time
(The cake did not fare well on the trip over to Austin.
"Happy Birthday Max" just became a jumble of icing and candy.)

By the time we sang "Happy Birthday," the KitKats were falling off the cake.

And, in the middle of the celebration, the Cowboys scored.

Nana and the little boys

The AFTER picture--remnants of deliciousness

cool remote control car from Nana and Papa

Time to relax after all that partying

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