Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tight End Training

Weston has decided that he'd really like to go to college--any college--on a football scholarship. Specifically, he aspires to become a tight end. To that end, and in honor of the new year, with all it's resolutions and new beginnings and goal setting, he has set up a strict Tight End Training Program for himself. He started the week after Christmas and has been very faithful to stick with it, so far. The first part of his plan is to make healthy and smart eating choices. He is eliminating sodas and other sugary drinks, cutting way back on carbs, eating more veggies and lean proteins and saying "no" to dessert, even when everyone else is indulging. If you know Weston, you know instituting this type of diet is huge! The second part of the plan is physical training. He is getting up every morning at 6:30, at his insistence, to walk with Jeff and me, even when the temperature hovers in the 20s and 30s, and even on weekends. (This is not only a testament to Weston's dedication to his goal, but also a testament to MY love and support of Weston, as I am not generally a fan of cold or early mornings!) He is also jumping rope during commercials, when we watch T.V. (We haven't watched much T.V. since the bowl games ended, but he was really faithful to that regimen during those many hours of football watching.) And, as often as possible, he is pressing Jeff into service as a tackling dummy and thrower of "hot passes." I am honestly inspired by Weston's dedication and enthusiasm to pursue his goal. I'm reminded how often I talk about change or wish for my dreams to be realized, without actually taking the necessary steps to make it a reality. I am so proud of Weston, and I know there is no limit to what he can accomplish!

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