Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Product Love

In my last favorites' list*, I mentioned Almond Milk.
This is kind of like the HNL of that. 

This camera is small enough to slip in my pocket or carry in my purse
but takes pictures like one of the big boys, even from quite a distance. I love it!

The seemingly endless winter this year has forced me to wear sweaters on a very regular basis.
This rack is perfect for drying lots of things at once and even has a place for shoes.
Plus, it folds almost flat, making it super easy to store.

My old Kindle was getting pretty worn,
so when I saw the Kindle Fire deeply discounted one day, I took the plunge.
(And, I also treated myself to the fun hot pink case!) So far, I'm very happy with my decision. 
The fact that these flip-flops are super comfy, slightly scented like vanilla and dishwasher safe
are just a few of the reasons I love them. I'm pretty sure I'll be living in these all summer.

These palapas have added just the right ambiance to our "beach."
(All we're missing is the ocean!)

We love granola around our house, and this is some of the best we've tried.

After some issues with my previous watch turning my skin black,
I did some research and decided to try a Skagen watch.
I love the femininity of this watch (and the fact that it hasn't caused any discoloration)! 

For everything from cooking to moisturizing, this is our go-to oil.

The Warthog sharpener has helped us get the epidemic of dull knives in our house under control.
I love that it's small enough to store in the knife drawer and easy enough for Ruth to use (with supervision).

Jeff has been urging me to read this for years, and I have finally gotten around to it.
It's definitely going on my list of all-time favorites!
(I think I will have to buy Jeff a new copy, since I sort of went crazy marking
meaningful passages in the copy I borrowed from him!)

We love our Keurig and all the flavors of coffee we can choose from.
This is one of our current favorites. We are also loving Creme Brulee and Houston Blend.

*You can see more of our favorites by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

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