Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pre-teen Party

When Ruth realized we were going to be at the beach on her birthday, her only lament was that she wasn't going to be able to have a party with her friends. So, we got out the calendar and found exactly one weekend in which it would be possible to have a party with her friends before we left: this one. Thankfully, all four of the girls she wanted to invite were available. We met the girls at Starbucks this morning, where we fortified ourselves with caffeine for a day of shopping, ice skating, cow sitting, ice cream eating and a whole lot of giggling. These are delightful girls, and we had a wonderful time! Personally, I'm glad for the opportunity to ease into 12. I need some time to get used to the idea, since it doesn't even seem like it should be possible that my baby girl is already that old.

Starting the day at Starbucks

The girls take on the Galleria

Shopping Success

Lunch at Fuddrucker's

Skating in style

Ruth has been enjoying the Arboretum cows since before her first birthday!

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