Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day of School

In our opinion, there are many benefits to homeschooling. Not the least of which is getting to set our own schedule. Early in the school year, we asked the kids if they would like to try to finish all their school work by the end of April and then take a couple of months off to just play at the beach. They were interested, so we laid out a schedule and helped them set goals that would allow that to happen. They worked hard all year and made the dream a reality! They finished up with their CC stuff yesterday, and then after only a couple of hours of work today, Ruth was officially declaring herself on summer vacation. (The boys had finished what they needed to accomplish at home a week or so ago.) She was funny about this, too, because even though we technically had tomorrow to work before leaving on our trip, she was determined to finish before May, so she even did a Math lesson on Sunday to ensure she could really and truly be done in April! We celebrated by putting all our bags in the Suburban. Look out beach, here we come!

One of Ruth's finals at CC yesterday was to draw the whole world from memory,
 labeling the countries, their capitals and as many features as she could in an hour.
I'm biased, but I think she did a phenomenal job!


  1. WoW! That drawing is awesome...and the fact that it is from memory is mind-boggling! I definitely couldn't do that. Super proud. Unfortunately, I have 4 more weeks until summer vacay.

  2. Thanks, Crystal! I don't think I could draw the world from memory, either! Hang in there for these last four weeks!


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